Dedicated Server

A completely oversaw devoted server is an incredible fit for your elite workloads. If you have handling and I/O escalated workloads, or mission-basic applications that require the high accessibility, security and control of a committed facilitating base, devoted servers convey execution perfectly.  Our customizable and scalable solution as well as 24/7 fanatical support are major benefits of dedicated servers solution. Additionally, to help you meet you security compliance, we have a team of security engineers. Also with our high compute performance that delivers support to you most demanding apps. Uptime and reliability because the servers come with a redundant power supply to keep you online at all time.

Server RAM Storage Drive Storage Type Bandwidth Location Price Buy Online
AtomD510 4GB 2×500 GB SATA unlimited Canada £.49
IntelX3440 8 GB 2×2 TB SATA unlimited London £.69
Core i7-2600 16 GB 2x3TB SATA 20TB Nepal £.79