Should I sell the SSL certificates to the customers?

Yes, for the e-commerce sites the online customers want their information to be sent securely. There are even many customers that only want the transaction to be completed once they see that it is secure. The internet users want their personal information to be kept confidential and this is why the demand for SSL certificates is growing. There are many benefits of SSL certificates because the product becomes easy to sell. Once the customers install it there will rarely be a need for maintenance.

What is SSL and the SSL certificate?

SSL is a term that stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is known to be an encryption layer that has all the information that can be easily exchanged between the client and the server to when transferring your personal information. The SSL certificate will help you apply the SSL technology to your site so that the information that travels is encrypted. The SSL certificate is expected by the consumers for the site that handle the sensitive identity information such as your credit card number and confidential details.

How do the SSL certificates actually work?

The SSL certificate is a file that can be installed on the web server while the site is on. This file is made up of two particular segments. The first one is the public key that encrypts the information; the second one is the private key that decrypts the data. When the client connects to the SSL server the session can be developed by using two keys. The data is capable of being transmitted during this particular session and cannot be decrypted by any other client or server.

Will I need an SSL certificate for site?

If your site has sensitive information that it records then it is essential for it to be secured with an SSL certificate. There are many that will not use your site if they see that it is not secure.

The domain that I would like to secure is not in my account; can I purchase an SSL certificate?

Yes, because the domain that you want to secure does not need to be in your account or has to be registered with us.

Are you selling chained certificates?

Yes, we make sure that all our certificates are chained to the CA or Certificate Authority.

What is CA?

 CA means Certificate Authority and is issued by the SSL Company.

Is there difference between the domain validation certificate and a higher assurance certificate?

Yes, there is a difference because the domain validation certificate authenticates the purchaser of the domain name to whom the cert will be applied. It is the lowest level of authentication that is offered at a low price and will help you secure the site.

The organization validation certificates usually are scrutinized to confirm the relationship between the domain name, the business, and also the owner which the certificate can be used.

The extended validation certificates require the authority to perform verification of a business in order to make a purchase behalf of the company. Once the instalment takes place the EV certificate will turn the browser address bar green so that the visitors can see the cue and know this is a reliable site.

Are there any benefits of buying a higher validation certificate?

The low assurance certificates will encrypt a connection; the higher validation ones do the same function but add a peace of mind to the visitors by showing the validation and informs the public that this is a legitimate business.

What is the function of the green address bar?

The green address bar is like an intuitive cue that the business is legitimate. The green bar can be available with the EV or Extended Validation certificate. The web browsers have anti phishing that will display a red address bar. These studies have a strong impact on businesses that utilize the EV certificates.

Is the brand of the certificate important?

The brand of the certificate has the same kind of encryption that performs work similarly. After the discrimination of the customers branding the certificate will have the same effect as of designer clothing because it will give the customers assurance that you are a trustworthy business.

How can the visitors know that type of SSL certificate that is used?

If you want to figure out the SSL certificate you should click on the browser address box. There will be a new window that will pop up with information about the certificate.

Will the SSL certificates work in all the browsers?

The SSL certificates are known to be compatible with all the browsers.

I have changed web servers and my certificates do not work, will I be able to get them reissued?

Yes, you can get them reissued on the web server for a new CSR. It is essential to contact the issuer with the CSR and they will give you a new certificate.

Is it possible to upgrade my SSL certificate?

Yes, once you purchase a certificate it cannot be upgraded. If you would like to get a more secure one you must install it on the same web server. If you do not need a certificate immediately you have to wait until the certificate until it expires.

What actually is SGC?

SGC or Server Gated Cryptography has been created for legacy computers and browsers that support the 40 or 56 bit SSL encryption to setup to 128-bit SSL encryption. Without the SGC your browser will be operating on 128 bit encryption that will get only 40 or 56 encryption.

What is meant by CSR?

CSR is a term that stands for the Certificate Signing Request. This is a special key that has been generated by the server’s unique key. It can be send to the CSR that generates the final certificate.